Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Profile

MATATAKITOYO is a professional torque tools manufacturer, established in 1992 and located in the middle of Taiwan. Back then we started with 4 employees and produced few items that worked in a 50 square meter space. We had 3 movements in times by gone.
At the end of 2016, we had limited space for production and so we began to plan and build a new factory. As planned we moved in a 5 floor building with 8250 square meters three years later.

Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of accuracy, innovation, reliability, safety to determine on the right path and fulfilling our goals by creating an unwavering guide on sustainable development.

ACCURACY – concentrate on quality and ensure to meet today’s demanding standards.
INNOVATION – develop brand-new products to compete with global market, such as lock/unlock operation system on torque setting in 1994 and also grow products with customers.
RELIABLITY – obtain customers’ needs and present total solution services.
SAFETY – supply products with great and highest standard quality is our aim.

Digital Torque Tester : A wide range of instruments and transducers from 0.5 to 5,000Nm
Torque Wrench : More than 20 different kinds of items and up to 3,000Nm
Digital Torque Wrench : Range from 3-350 Nm
Torque Multiplier : Available in torque ratio of 1:3, 1:10, and 1:30
Torque Screwdriver : Applicable for low torque assemble and precision applications
Insulated Tools : Anti electro-shock and meets all requirements of IEC 60900
Special Torque tools : Customise items.

A variety of interchangeable torque handle fittings and ratchet handles are also available in our product series.

We hold over 1000 patents and are patented worldwide.

We educate our employees because quality and services are relied on well qualified, dedicated staff. It is easy to understand this management theory that has been successful for many years.
We are committed to research and development and will continuously provide excellent products and services

MATATAKITOYO is your best choice.

Research and Development
Through continuous Research and Development,
MATATKITOYO is dedicated to providing products and services.

Certified by : CE & GS & DIN & ISO 6789 & BS26789 & ASME B107.14
Insulated Tools Certified by : VDE (IEC 60900:2012)