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Product Features
  • Diversified products can widely apply.
  • Easy and flexible operation of design.
  • Quick and accurate torque-adjusting design.
  • Safety Lock : to prevent accidental adjustment of the set torque.
  • Comfortable, Durable Handle.
  • Warranty : 1 year in normal statement.

  • Different Features of Each Model

    Head Style
  • T/NTP/DTP/MOT/MOT2/MOT4/PR/PPR/PIT/FPS/APS/LT/MET/META/OBT series : The head is fixed type.
  • ATP/CPS/IPR/MIT/MIT2/MEB/MEBA series : The head is interchangeable type which can match some accessories.
  • DTP series : The head can set torque in bidirectional turning, which is different from NTP series.
  • HPR series : The head can be flexible in 15 degrees bidirectional range, which is different from PR series.
  • MET/MEB/META/MEBA series : Digital Torque Wrenches.
  • MEB/MEBA series : The head is interchangeable type, which is different from MET/META series.

  • Torque Setting
  • APS/CPS/FTD/OBT series : Pre-Set torque type.
  • FPS/LT series : Fixed torque type.
  • Other series : Adjustable torque type.

  • Torque setting for each type

  • MIT/MIT2/MOT/MOT2/MOT4 series has scale window.
  • MT series : Torque Multiplier, with torque ratio of 1:3.
  • MT2 series : Torque Multiplier, with torque ratio of 1:10 or 1:30.
  • MTD/FTD/MGD series : Torque Screwdriver, it provides small torque operation.
  • FITTING : Fitting Heads are available for MATATAKITOYO Torque Handles.
  • (Square insert head is 9x12mm or 14x18mm or 20x28.5mm).

    How To Use Your New Torque Wrench

    Torque is twist or the resistance to rotation.When used in reference to a bolt. torque is the resistance to turning of the bolt or nut.
    Tension is straight pull and is measured in pounds. Torque wrenches are at times referred to as tension wrenches. This is not true. Wrenches that are designed to measure or limit the amount of torque applied to a nut or bolt are definitely torque measuring instruments.
    Torque Wrench
    A torque wrench is precision measuring instrument much the same as a micrometer, dernier calipers or any other accurate measuring instrument. Its purpose is to measure of limit the amount of torque being applied at a given point.
    What Does Torque Do to a Bolt?
    Applying the exact amount of torque to a nut or bolt induces the correct amount of tension or elongation in the bolt that is necessary to hold the parts together. Furthermore, by applying the correct amount of torque specified to a bolt the danger of distortion to the part or adjoining parts is eliminated.
    If a nut or bolt is not tightened enough it will eventually work loose and drop off. At the other extreme if too much torque is applied the nut or bolt will very likely snap off. In either event an obvious failure occurs due to improper torquing of the fastener.
    Torque Measured?
    Torque is based on the fundamental law of the lever-that is -force times distance equals the torque or twist around a point. Torque is most commonly measured in foot pounds or inch pounds. For example : if a 1 pound force is applied 1 foot from the center of the bolt the resulting torque developed would be referred to as one foot pound of torque. If a 1 NEWTON force is applied 1 METER from the center of the bolt the resulting torque developed would be referred to as one NEWTON- METER of torque.