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1992 Year established.
1992 T-Series
1993 Torque screwdriver
1994 NTP-Series
0000 In order to have brand new product in the market, we made improvement on T-series products.
0000 NTP series with the world’s firse lock / unlock torque setting design and it was first sold in Japan,
0000 later in Europe and then accepted throughout the world.
1995 Torque multiplier
1997 Professional digital torque tester
1999 MOT-Series
0000 This was a further step in the market because this series has got a window scale on the product.
2000 Connection with professional customers.
2003 Moved Factory
2005 ACHIEVED Taiwan Certificate of Good Design Awards
2006 ACHIEVED Taiwan ICET Awards
2007 ACHIEVED Taiwan Golden Peak Awards and Golden Torch Awards
2008 Digital torque wrench
2011 Insulated Torque Wrench Development
2012 Easy Torque Tester & Digital Screwdriver Development
2014 Wireless Torque Multiplier & Torque Adapter Development
2015 Dual Teeth Ratchet Handle and Torque Wrench Development
2016 Focus on Wireless and Dual Teeth Torque products
2019 Moved Factory
2020 Wireless Digital Torque Adaptor with mobile application.
2021 NTW Series, OLT Series
2022 OBT2, OBT3 Series
To be continued.